Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide”: The Career That Almost Wasn’t

Alongside “Rhiannon” Stevie Nicks’ “Avalanche” was the best ten hit from the achievement collection, eponymously titled “Fleetwood Mac”, that set up Nicks as a melodic power to be dealt with. The story behind this melody was a thoughtful and delicate as the tune itself.

Up to that point Nicks’ melodic profession had been genuinely rough. She had met future band-mate Lindsey Buckingham while the two were still in secondary school. The two of them went to San Jose State University. Scratches studied Speech Communication and initially was expecting on turning into an English educator.

It was not to be. Both she and Buckingham dropped out in 1968 and moved to Los Angeles to proceed with a potential profession in music. The two turned into a team and even discharged an ineffective record for Polydor records. In the wake of being dropped from the mark Nicks (in the event that you can picture this) maintained odd sources of income including tending to tables and cleaning houses. Buckingham couldn’t help since he was recouping from Infectious Mononucleosis.

The pair moved quickly to Aspen, Colorado. In no time before the move Nicks was at her folks’ home in Phoenix where her dad liberally offered to help her in the event that she chose to stop music and return to class, recommending that she give music six additional months.

After the move Nicks remained behind in Aspen while Buckingham visited with the Everly Brothers, which was similarly also in light of the fact that the two were experiencing difficulty with their relationship. It was there that she needed to decide how to manage her life. While in a guest’s family room she watched out at the mantle of snow in the Rockies encompassing Aspen and wondered, “Goodness, this snow could simply come tumbling down around me and there is no way around it.” For her it was the ideal allegory for “the torrential slide of everything that had come slamming down on us… at that point, my life really felt like an avalanche from various perspectives.” The way that following day her dad, who was by then no not exactly the leader of Greyhound Bus lines, was to experience medical procedure at the Mayo Clinic may have had something to do with her feelings. You can hear it reflected in the verses of the hold back: “Well, I’ve been anxious about changing ’cause I, I manufactured my life around you. In any case, time makes you bolder. Kids get more established. I’m getting more established, as well.”

Scratches never made it to the half year point her dad had given her. With a quarter of a year left to go Mick Fleetwood approached New Year’s Eve of 1974 inquiring as to whether the team would join his band.